Women in Science - Nanjing

November 6, 2016 - 8:03pm

How exciting to be in Nanjing as history in made for pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education. After a bit of a foggy-brained travel day yesterday, this morning I took a brisk walk around the small lake near the hotel and then thought I would grab a coffee before (I assumed) most conference attendees were awake.  Big mistake! The breakfast room was filled with pharmacy giants from around the world!  People like John Ware (Australia), Helen Gordon (United Kingdom), Pam Schweitzer (United States), Mahama Duwiejua (Ghana), Hiroshi Suzuki (Japan), Guowei Sang (China), and Bronwyn Clark (New Zealand)… just to name a few. Wow! The room was buzzing with energy (despite the jetlag). And it was especially motivating to see how many female leaders are associated with this effort.  Speaks well for #WomeninScience so I’ve posted a photo of some of these fabulous WiS (pronounced like wiz).  Really feels like we’re on the verge of something important here.