Pharmville now available to everyone

September 5, 2016 - 11:36am

Pharmville is a curriculum resource platform that provides a contextual foundation for the Bachelor of Pharmacy at Monash University.

Pharmville is a fictional community designed to be a teaching tool that depicts people with real problems. It provides context and integration throughout the undergraduate program.

Each Pharmville character has a distinct social and cultural background, lifestyle and medical history. Faculty staff across all disciplines can use Pharmville for context to engage students in science and professional practice concepts, explicitly linking theory to authentic situations, involving people, families and communities.

The resource platform includes video vignettes, character photographs, drug structure images, documented health profiles, and medical and social histories that reflect the diversity of a typical Melbourne suburb.

Pharmville was developed in response to recognition that some students undervalued the need for sciences in the curriculum and had difficulty integrating knowledge between disciplines in the course. It encourages and supports the application of coursework theory to people, and gives greater context to teaching.

Visit the Pharmville information page to learn more, or go to the Pharmville site to download and use the elements of this resource.