New publication - Opportunities and challenges in converting a pharmacy curriculum elective course from a live to an online teaching environment

January 30, 2018 - 3:44pm


Thomas D Chiampas, Zahra Kassamali, Julie Ann Justo, Larry H Danziger


Objective: Discuss the strengths and limitations regarding creating and implementing an asynchronous online elective course on drug discovery within an accredited college of pharmacy’s Pharm.D. curriculum.

Methods: Students enrolled in the first two iterations of the course were surveyed before and after course completion.

Results: All liked the convenience of self-paced online learning with the first offering. Despite student satisfaction, most (63%) students watched half or fewer lectures. In the second offering, course satisfaction was comparable to the first. Implementation of short post-lecture quizzes substantially increased lecture viewership. Lower satisfaction rates were noted across both course iterations when students were asked whether interaction with faculty and peers was sufficient.

Conclusion: Our experience demonstrates that the flexibility of online education comes at the potential cost of additional work and reduced interaction among students and faculty. However, overall student approval was high with this course style and all students reported they would recommend it to others.

Full article on Pharmacy Education Journal online.