New publication - The National Student Performance Exam: Teacher appreciation on the evaluation of graduating pharmacy students

January 30, 2018 - 4:11pm


Joice Nedel Ott, Bartira Ercília Pinheiro da Costa, Eva Teresinha de Oliveira Boff, Ivan Carlos Antonello, Mario Bernardes Wagner


The National Student Performance Examination (ENADE) is part of the National System of Higher Education Assessment (SINAES) as a mandatory curricular component in Brazilian undergraduate courses. The objective of this study was to analyse, in a critical-reflexive way, the ENADE questions, applied to the academics of Pharmacy. Four questionnaires were developed, each containing ten questions originally transcribed from the ENADE 2010 proof. Through the Qualtrics Survey Software system, 131 professors, assigned to 18 Rio Grande do Sul Pharmacy courses, performed the analysis of the 40 questions. In their opinion, the Pharmacy ENADE 2010 proof addresses the principles set out in the National Curriculum Pharmacy Guidelines (DCNF). However, it presents an asymmetric distribution of the aspects required for the formation of a general pharmacist. Specific questions further assessed professional ability in managing drugs and medicines, required critical-reflexive ability and interdisciplinary performance. The questions on General Formation helped to understand the social, cultural and economic reality of the environment into which the professional was inserted and, to a lesser extent, evaluated the critical-reflexive, humanistic, and ethical character.

Full article on Pharmacy Education Journal online.