New publication - Mentor perceptions of the value of a fourth year research project for Doctor of Pharmacy students

August 6, 2018 - 11:50am

Melany P Puglisi, Charisse L Johnson, Rosalyn Vellurattil, Michael Wilcox, Joseph Slonek, Kumar Mukherjee, Elmer J Gentry


Chicago State University College of Pharmacy introduced the capstone project in 2011 as a requirement of the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The objectives of this study were to assess faculty perceptions of: 1) the value of research in the students’ success in a pharmacy degree programme; 2) the students’ level of preparedness to complete the project requirements; and 3) the students’ ability to complete research projects in their future career. A 35-item survey instrument was administered to 23 capstone mentors to elicit their perceptions regarding the programme and research as it relates to a pharmacy degree. Mentors agreed it was important for students to participate in (n = 15) and demonstrate excellence (n = 11) in research activities. Respondents (n = 12) indicated that students were not adequately prepared by the didactic curriculum and that additional preparation may be necessary to conduct research independently in the future.

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