New publication - Implementing a flipped classroom approach to a course module in fundamental nutrition for pharmacy students

November 22, 2017 - 10:10am

Korakoch Kangwantas, Juraporn Pongwecharak, Kanin Rungsardthong, Kittiya Jantarathaneewat, Pheeraphat Sappruetthikun, Kusawadee Maluangnon


It was evidenced that with active learning strategies, higher levels of learning outcomes could be achieved by learners. Healthcare professions including pharmacy education were among various disciplines that are best fitted to reap the fruit of active learning. Workshops and training organised by academic institutions are available to support educators in adopting active learning approaches into their courses. Consequently, in the 2015 academic year, the module ‘Principle of Nutrition for Diabetes Mellitus’ in the course ‘Fundamental Nutrition for Pharmacists’ was agreed upon to be the pilot for the flipped classroom approach, which was one strategy of active learning. Student performance as measured by final scores of the module was better than those for the same module taught with a traditional lecture in the preceding year. Students’ evaluation of the flipped class was strongly positive in terms of knowledge gained as well as self-confidence in its applicability.

Full article on Pharmacy Education Journal online.