New publication - How is the term ‘competence’ defined by the pharmacy educator? A qualitative study of science-based and practice-based pharmacy educators

December 18, 2017 - 9:45am

Jon Waterfield


Background: A simple definition of ‘competence’ has resulted in a concept that is mainly related to tasks and outcomes. A more detailed knowledge of how pharmacy educators define competence can support future development of teaching and assessment of pharmacy undergraduates.

Aim: The overall aim of this research was to gain some insight into the views of different pharmacy educators and their perception of the term ‘competence’.

Method: A thematic analysis of a total of 12 semi-structured, one hour interviews with four academic members of staff from three different Schools of Pharmacy in England.

Results: Both science-based and practice-based respondents defined competence in terms of a construct defined by a group of peers. Practitioners were more hesitant about the use of competence-based assessment compared to scientists.

Conclusion: There are indications from the interview narratives that there is a need for a deeper dialogue about competence and more emphasis on the development of ongoing, individual competence.

Full article on Pharmacy Education Journal online.