New publication - Development and implementation of a group interviews and evaluation process for pharmacy admissions at a large urban institution

August 6, 2018 - 11:42am

Antony Q Pham, Suzanna Gim


Introduction: The Admissions Committee at Long Island University College of Pharmacy (LIU Pharmacy) developed and implemented a group interview format for the 2015-2016 admissions cycle. The new process, which included a group interview, a critical thinking exercise and a campus tour, allowed for 300 pharmacy school candidates to be interviewed in four full-day sessions. This article reports the experience of developing and implementing group interviews at LIU Pharmacy.

Methods: Four full-day sessions were scheduled to interview pharmacy school candidates during the spring of 2016. Seventy-five candidates were divided into three groups of 25 for each session and rotated through three sections: 1) group interview; 2) critical thinking exercise; and 3) campus tour. The Office of Admissions at LIU Pharmacy organised the interview schedule and a total of 48 faculty, alumni and staff evaluators were trained.

Results: Group interviews were conducted to interview 300 candidates in four full-day sessions at LIU Pharmacy. Total evaluator interviewing hours were reduced by 20% when compared to the previous year. Feedback surveys from candidates and evaluators showed acceptable levels of satisfaction and comfortability with the new interview process.

Discussion: The development and implementation of group interviewing at LIU Pharmacy allowed for 300 pharmacy school candidates to be interviewed in four full-day sessions during the 2015-2016 admission cycle.

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