New Publication - A description of inter-professional ethics education in a United States college of pharmacy

February 12, 2018 - 3:40pm


Julie M Aultman


Introduction: An inter-professional ethics curriculum should address core ethics concepts and principles, and challenge students to work in inter-professional teams to resolve dilemmas modelled after those encountered in the health professions.

Description: An inter-professional ethics curriculum at a United States (U.S.) college of pharmacy has been developed and refined since 2005 and provides comprehensive ethics education to pharmacy students, while exposing medical and pharmacy students to the ethical issues and dilemmas that are both shared and unique to each health profession.

Evaluation: Students have exceeded basic competencies in ethics education without failing performance measures at this U.S. college of pharmacy. The inter-professional ethics curriculum receives positive student evaluations; however, students see ethics education as secondary, rather than complementary, to basic science and clinical curricula.

Future plans: A commitment to a longitudinal, inter-professional ethics curriculum is needed to enforce ethics content and values during students’ practicum experiences in pharmacy and industry settings.

Full text available on the Pharmacy Education website.