An International Journal For Pharmacy Education

A new home for Pharmacy Education online journal

The Pharmacy Education online journal is soon to join with PharmAcademy. The journal will become a central component of the new site, linking education research with resource sharing and strong community features.

Will there be a new address for the Journal?

No – the Journal will still be available at

If you already have a Journal account, you will still be able to access the Journal with your normal username and password. Later in 2015, the address above will be used for the new system. You will be given advanced warning of this move taking place.

What is happening to the journal?

    A project is currently underway to deliver two outcomes:
  • The migration of the journal to a dedicated journal management system.
  • The integration of the Journal with PharmAcademy.
Migrating the Journal to a dedicated system will deliver significant operational enhancements including:
  • much more efficient management of articles for the editorial group
  • simpler submission of articles for authors
  • significantly improved article discovery by researchers
  • support for article discovery by academic search systems, thus increasing the reach and readership of the journal.
  • These improvements will enable a greater throughput of articles and better exposure to a global audience, thus allowing the Journal to grow, both in readership and standing, in the pharmacy education community.


    How can PharmAcademy members use it?

    Integrating the Journal with PharmAcademy will create as yet unrealised opportunities by combining academic publishing, content sharing and peer networking on a single platform. PharmAcademy members will automatically have access to the Journal. Signing on to PharmAcademy will also sign you into the Journal.
      In time the integration between the two systems will become tighter, making it possible to:
  • cite articles directly from PharmAcademy,
  • have your journal articles appear in your PharmAcademy profile,
  • use Journal articles as the basis for discussions and group activities in PharmAcademy.
  • *

    What about the Journal archive?

    The full archive of back issues will be available in the new system. In fact article metadata will make discovery, citation tracking and referencing much easier for existing works.