Placement USAUKrwandaAustraliaNamibia

USA (1): This term is not used typically in the USA; with introductory pharmacy practice exercise (IPPE) and advance pharmacy practice exercise (APPE) being favoured; sometimes also called “rotations” as students tend to rotate through several placement sites.

USA (2): Could be thought of in many ways but oftentimes this refers to placement of a patient following discharge from the hospital to home, skilled nursing facility, acute rehab, long term care facility, hospice, etc. 

UK: Short term training

Rwanda: The action of being accepted at or assigned to an institution.

Australia: An undergraduate pharmacy student undertaking structured workplace experiential learning to support university based learning

Namibia: Experiential learning in a pharmacy practice setting during pre-service training. This includes pre-service training in a rural hospital setting, tertiary hospital, community pharmacy and industrial and/or regulatory pharmacy setting.