Pharma Middle East 2018 the short name of 18th Annual Pharma Middle East Congress is the pharmaceutical and healthcare conference that is scheduled to be conducted on November 05-07, 2018 at Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is a scientific platform to meet eminent people to share and gain knowledge. The conference aims at the healthier pharmaceutical environment for the future generations so the theme is designed as Innovate the Excellences in Pharmaceutical Sciences. We nourish the field of pharma through the speakers and business entrepreneurs with the aid of presentations, workshops, symposia and exhibitor where a big network will be built.

Target Audience:

Pharmaceutical Scientists
Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist and Community Pharmacist
Academics: Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers
Association, Association presidents, and professionals
Students, interns, pre-reg trainees and job hunters
Business entrepreneurs, medical executives
Researchers from pharmaceutical companies, associations and societies
Clinical Researchers
Manufacturing Companies
API and medical devices companies
CRO, data management companies and many more


Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology,Human Anatomy & Physiology,Pharmaceutical Chemistry,Insights of Pharmacology,Pharmacognostic Studies & Phytochemistry,Pharmaceutical Microbiology,Pharmaceutical Biotechnology & Recombinant DNA Technology,Health Education & Pathophysiology,Drug Designing and Novel Drug Delivery Systems,Drug Regulatory Affairs,Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Trials,Pharmaceutical Industry,Pharmaceutical Business Management,Pharmaceutical and Medical Ethics,Recent Trends in Pharma

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