I offer below a list of some skills make MIU PHR senior's19 different, which in my experience of attending and organizing conferences these skills are, more often than not, essential in order to make any conference successful.

Organization committee: In many ways, organizing a conference is similar to preparing a lecture. There are pre-, during and post- arrangements to be made, and a backup plan for each phase. The more thought that is put into the planning phase, the better the conference. So we can say that our organizing committee from seniors 19 is the backbone of this successful stage: they all one team where everything starts & where everything ends.

Academic committee: Participants find a good range of presentations in different areas of interest in pharmacy (herbal medicine, community awareness, drug design, clinical, pharmacology,…). The academic committee adds something different about the format, such as presentation template, unified posters; this year regular conference participants 'll discover the difference. Selected research topics were characterized by novelty, attractive idea, easy to practice and easy to apply – some think of it as a souvenir of the conference to our community and health care providers. 

Conference supporters: Nothing like a friendly efficient conference supporter to make our seniors feel well cared for, especially during large duties & tasks, where it is easy to feel a little lost. You will find this successful conference has a good number of professional supporters like Dr. Emad & Dr. Ghada & all supervisors of the topics support every time and everywhere pre-, during, and post-conference

Eminent speakers:Our successful conference was loaded by a good number of excellent presenters, all of whom are our young researchers from seniors'19. They work hard, quietly, to make a difference in the lives of their audiences.  

Conference participants: Last but not least, conferences are made up of people. These include the organizing committee, presenters, supporters & visitors, our seniors'19 task force is willing to make things happen, to make this the best conference ever, and of course to show cheerful flexibility in making adjustments and compromises when things don’t turn out exactly as expected that, by a combination of all these things, ultimately we end up with a successful conference. insh'allah

All previous points that's exactly what you'll find out when you join us at MIU PHARMACY SENIORS CONFERENCE 2019.

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