Pharmacy seniors' 19 - Misr International University - have unveiled a new campaign on the risk of overuse & misuse of herbal and natural supplements. The campaign, which was launched today 18 March 2019 is entitled ‘Are Herbal products & supplement completely safe’. The campaign is seeking to raise awareness of the risk and significant negative health effects that can be caused by overuse of these products. The campaign features a number of important messages: "Herbal supplements are drugs not food. All effective drugs produce adverse drug reactions; herbal supplements are no exception" and other important messages that were concluded from a large survey study targeting youth age and focused on the misunderstanding of public & safety claims of these products. Study & campaigns are part of several activities of seniors' 19 in their journey to the fourth edition of students' conference which will be held on the next month at Misr International University. The conference was organised by all pharmacy seniors under the title of “MIU-PSC Bridging the Gap”