For the first time Misr International University pharmacy 2016 & 2017 graduates returned for a reunion with seniors 2018  to “create their future” with Dr. Aref Alabed (International Speaker in Medical Leadership / Healthcare Marketing / soft skills, in UK), the main goal of reunion: to exchange opinions of fresh graduates with seniors 2018 to discover extracurricular soft skills needed for pharmacy career. The event was conducted for pharmacy seniors 2018 and fresh graduates (300 students attended it). The day included an open discussion between graduates & seniors about obstacles of pharmacy career in Egypt. Dr. Aref Alabed introduced in 3 hours a great background for seniors & graduates about CV components & how to Analyze it, Explain the best way to perform in an interview, how to differentiate between people’s personalities, setting of SMART goals and successful tips to enhance the relationship with patients &  colleagues.