The medicinal plants extravaganza is a highly anticipated tradition that started four years ago at the faculty of pharmacy in the Egyptian Russian University in Cairo. This event encourages teamwork and creative thinking for first-year students. Firstly, the students are divided into teams where they choose a medicinal plant from their curriculum to base their research on. They gather scientific data about their chosen medicinal plant from various sources and they must work to produce flyers, booklets, and posters relating to their chosen plant to showcase the information that they have apprehended and to display them in booths that have a thematic approach relating to their plant during the medicinal plant extravaganza event. Prior to the event, the students must also make creative invitations that are sent to staff members in different pharmacy schools to come and join the event. This event has managed to nurture a growing family of people who are devoted to encourage creative learning techniques.Stay tuned ... at ERU 21 April .. Dr. Dina ElNaggar