To increase awareness of evidence based approach in herbal medicine and to face the lack of regulations in this type of treatments students of the second year at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, undertook a project to prepare 60 monographs for 60 medicinal plants that have clinically proved medicinal effects and used as pharmaceutical products their work were guided by WHO publications in this regard to spread the scientific evidence in the field of Herbal medicine where students presented 60 booklets, each booklet contains a complete description of one of the medicinal plants followed by a careful description of its active substances and pharmacological effects, the mechanism of action of these active substances in our body, side effects, contraindications and plant risk or safety to pregnant women and pediatrics and the difference between its uses in folk medicine and what it has actually proven in clinical studies with the addition of pictures of the plant and its pharmaceutical products in the markets. To emphasize the necessity of a scientific evidence this information has been supported by recent references and research has also been provided. In ten-minute each team present explanation and sumarrized the latest research Published in international journals on each plants and students were able, despite the of their second year university stage, to prove scientific evidence and search in global search engines and understand the monograph content and provided a full explanation for evidence base info