In the last two years, the seniors of MIU Faculty of Pharmacy have held their scientific academic conferences and sought from the beginning to entrench this tradition with preservation on excellence, creativity, and fulfillment the pharmacy graduates needs. The first conference was “Think Green with Seniors 16” on May 2016, the second conference was “Seniors 17 Breaking the Routine” on May 2017 and now “Seniors 18 The Limits Are Not Real”. We initiate this conference due to our belief of our graduates and their role because they are the future backbone of our community & nation and the basis of its renaissance and construction.

The third edition is Seniors18 Conference will be held on 13 May 2018 at Misr International University. The conference Organised by all students in seniors 18 faculty of pharmacy under the title of “The Limits Are Not Real” under supervision of faculty staff and supported by our dean & university.  Undertaking our responsibility towards the community and assuming our role in raising awareness and creating research opportunities and to contribute to the making the best use of energies of those young people. So our aim based on concentrating on generating the entrepreneurial ideas and individual initiatives to establish small projects for young people and to refine their skills and knowledge in this direction. The programme of the Conference will feature inspiring keynotes, broad-ranging discussions and cover the three major domains of our mission (Medical research – community service & pharmacy educations).

 Among the core themes that will underpin the programme are: Survey and awareness campaign on control of new trends in drug addiction in our community; overuse, misuse and pan resistance to antibiotics, 3 D QSAR and docking studies; novel antitumor for leukemia; can we change the stigma of schizophrenia; is Naegleria fowleri a cause of death for children in swimming pools, psychiatric adverse effects in acne vulgaris patients, androgenic activity of some coffee products; assessment of the magnitude of OTC abuse in Egypt; catching the opportunities;  shifting from teaching to significant learning in pharmacy education & new approach in treatment protocol of MS.

All speakers and researchers are our students in seniors 18 so i thank my sons & daughters in seniors18 and all committees' members (Organization Committee & Academic Committee) for their effort in preparation and following up to make this conference a success and we wish them success for this conference.