Thanks to all of our fabulous clinical educators who will be hosting second year Monash pharmacy students undertaking a health literacy placement in first semester 2018. Please use this discussion forum to ask questions, share experiences, etc

The files uploaded to this group are the materials we are using to teach this topic in our "residential" curriculum which they will apply in their "experiential" curriculum. The topic will be taught over 2 weeks, starting with Discovery 1 and Workshop 1 followed by Discovery 2 and Workshop 2. Each of these weeks also include an interactive lecture to further explore the discovery material.

In week 3 students will be credentialed to perform the activity illustrated in the video. This is the activity students will be undertaking during their placement time. The rubric, which will be uploaded shortly, provides formative feedback to the students and will be the evidence they need to show you that they are credentialed to perform the activity. They may also have a video of themselves performing the task.

Please let me know if you would like me to assist with staff training sessions. I'm sure you will have many questions, please post them here--you will need to join PharmAcademy and be logged in to participate in the discussions.

Cheers- Kirstie
Director; Experiential Development and Graduate Education
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Pharmacy Practice 5. Competency development Workplace learning