Dear Colleagues:

I have been trying to develop scope of pharmacy practise in India for past few years. I have created a study abroad program in my college [at the University of Findlay] and take a group of students (usually 4-5) for their advanced pharmacy rotation in India for a month. Upcoming rotation will be from December 10, 2017 to January 10, 2018 and five students have signed for that activity. 

Similarly, I enable students from Indian colleges with whom we have developed MOU's to visit our college and get a first hand experience of pharmacy practise is US.

I am keen on expanding the group, so more students and faculty can participate in this exchange activity, that leads to greater interaction opportunities that is now limited to one month.

Chandra Sekar

Please email me at if you wish to know more about this project.

Pharmacy Practice 4. Advanced and specialist development Advanced practice