FIP Global Conference on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Education

Instructions on how to complete the questionnaire

There are eight clusters, each on its own page. At the bottom of each page you are given the option of Saving and Continuing or continuing straight on. If you exit this questionnaire before you have finished and you do not use this Save and Continue function, you will need to start the questionnaire again. 

For each cluster we want to know if you think the title of the cluster is informative and useful and if our brief description of the cluster is suitable and useful. Each cluster has between four and sixteen statements, for each statement we ask if the statement fits within the cluster. If you select No, we ask you to briefly explain why. At the end of each cluster we ask if there is anything missing and if you want to add anything further. 

Questions marked with an * are required to be answered

This questionnaire will take you around 15 - 20 mins to complete, depending on how many comments you make.

To take the questionnaire, please click on this link or paste this address into your browser:


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