FIP Academic Institutional Membership

The FIP AIM allows Faculties and Schools of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to become inter-connected on a global platform of discussion, leadership and shared challenges and successes.

The FIP AIM focuses on the parallel evolution of Faculties and Schools of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences alongside the ongoing changes in pharmacy practice, science, research and their respective funding. All Faculties and Schools of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences from around the world are welcome to apply for a FIP AIM. These Academic Institutes are represented by their Deans, Vice Deans and other Decision Makers within the Membership activities such as online discussion platforms and the annual International Dean’s Forum at the FIP Congress. 

Deans Survey

AIM is conducting a survey of deans at international pharmacy schools. The survey aims at identifying competencies that are frequently required from Deans, but for which they do not always feel completely prepared (sort of gap analysis). The results of the survey will help address leadership issues relevant to our group. The results could also form the basis of a leadership development initiative as suggested by the FIP.

I really encourage you to complete the survey. The more Deans participate, the more accurate will be the overall picture. The survey should take you less than 15 minutes to complete. Please follow this link to complete it:

If you have any questions about the research at any time, please contact Dr. Waheedi at:

FIP Workforce Development Goals