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Boni Singu

16 hours ago
Prospective topics: 1. Integrative science and practice using MyDispense 2. Students skills development using MyDispense 3. Students managament skills/performance under MyDispense version 6 as compared to previous version Members: Boni Singu, Jamie Woodyard, Boket Aksu, Genada Sinani, Nilay Aksoy, Mercy Nabwire, Sarah Upson, Hamde Nazar, Louise Brown.

Stefanie Ferreri

16 hours ago
Can MyDispense reinforce self-care knowledge while on placements? This assumes students received baseline self-care knowledge prior to going on placement rotations.

Nilhan Uzman

6 days ago
Commonwealth Pharmacists Association, a FIP member and partner organization, is expanding their team and re-structuring their board of Trustees. If you would like support the better use of medicines in some of the world's poorest nations click on the following link to view the advert:

Nilhan Uzman

1 week ago
FIP is inviting deans, vice-deans or leadership team members of the schools to the FIP Global Deans Forum, on 1-2 September 2018 in Glasgow,UK. Leading experts from Harvard University and University of Strathclyde will provide highly rewarding 1,5 days of workshops on Strategic Planning & Change Management and Conflict Resolution. To join and find out more, please contact:

Pharma Middle East 2018 the short name of 18th Annual Pharma Middle East Congress is the pharmaceutical and healthcare conference that is scheduled to be conducted on November 05-07, 2018 at Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is a scientific platform to meet eminent people to share and gain knowledge.

Nilhan Uzman

4 weeks ago
FIP-UNESCO UNITWIN Center for Excellence in Africa Meeting has kicked-off yesterday in Lagos, Nigeria! Our aim in this project is to twin universities to close the gaps to transform pharmacy education in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our group is a proud PharmAcademy user as its official communication platform!

Nilhan Uzman

4 weeks ago
FIP-UNESCO UNITWIN Center for Excellence in Africa Meeting has kicked-off yesterday in Lagos, Nigeria! Our aim in this project is to twin universities to close the gaps to transform pharmacy education in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our group is a proud PharmAcademy user as its official communication platform!

Pierre Moreau

2 months ago
Hello all, At its last meeting, the participants of the "Forum on advancing pharmacy education" decided to make PharmAcademy their default communication tool. Soon, we should be able to post presentations from the meeting and start exchanging for the preparation of next year's meeting.

In the last two years, the seniors of MIU Faculty of Pharmacy have held their scientific academic conferences and sought from the beginning to entrench this tradition with preservation on excellence, creativity, and fulfillment the pharmacy graduates needs. The first conference was “Think Green with Seniors 16” on May 2016, the second conference was “Seniors 17 Breaking the Routine” on May 2017 and now “Seniors 18 The Limits Are Not Real”. We initiate this conference due to our belief of our graduates and their role because they are the future backbone of our community & nation and the basis of its renaissance and construction.

The third edition is Seniors18 Conference will be held on 13 May 2018 at Misr International University. The conference Organised by all students in seniors 18 faculty of pharmacy under the title of “The Limits Are Not Real” under supervision of faculty staff and supported by our dean & university.  Undertaking our responsibility towards the community and assuming our role in raising awareness and creating research opportunities and to contribute to the making the best use of energies of those young people. So our aim based on concentrating on generating the entrepreneurial ideas and individual initiatives to establish small projects for young people and to refine their skills and knowledge in this direction. The programme of the Conference will feature inspiring keynotes, broad-ranging discussions and cover the three major domains of our mission (Medical research – community service & pharmacy educations).

 Among the core themes that will underpin the programme are: Survey and awareness campaign on control of new trends in drug addiction in our community; overuse, misuse and pan resistance to antibiotics, 3 D QSAR and docking studies; novel antitumor for leukemia; can we change the stigma of schizophrenia; is Naegleria fowleri a cause of death for children in swimming pools, psychiatric adverse effects in acne vulgaris patients, androgenic activity of some coffee products; assessment of the magnitude of OTC abuse in Egypt; catching the opportunities;  shifting from teaching to significant learning in pharmacy education & new approach in treatment protocol of MS.

All speakers and researchers are our students in seniors 18 so i thank my sons & daughters in seniors18 and all committees' members (Organization Committee & Academic Committee) for their effort in preparation and following up to make this conference a success and we wish them success for this conference.

Grace Kuo

2 months ago
We are excited to announce the UCSD-International Clinical Pharmacy Summit (July 9th – 19th, 2018) at the University of California San Diego School of Pharmacy and the state of the art Simulation Training Center for OSCEs at the School of Medicine. Check out more information via

Visit our “World Café!” - Virtual Networking EventsFind your “Match!” (focus: Scholarship)

The AACP Global SIG Communications & Collaborations Committee will be hosting two virtual networking events on Wed, 4/18 and Thurs, 4/26.

WHY: A past survey indicated the primary interest in collaborations was for scholarly initiatives. Please join us to find your potential “match” for scholarly work within our global SIG and colleagues worldwide!

HOW: Submit this Google Form (<1 min) by Tues, March 20TH COB (scholarly interest, where you work). If possible, we will aim to provide potential “matches” considering your research interests and also consider the time zone for scheduling. You do not need to be an AACP member to participate -- we are interested in matching faculty/staff worldwide per their scholarly interests!

WHERE: Virtual networking events will be held on Google Hangouts. Directions to follow by email.

*Think Big! Think Global! Make your global scholarly collaboration come true*

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Co-Chairs of the Global SIG C&C Committee:

See-Won Seo ( and Abby Kahaleh (

See-Won Seo

4 months ago
Global Virtual Networking Event – Find your potential “Match” for research interests! Network virtually (Google Hangouts) with colleagues globally in April. If interested, please submit form (<1 min) by 3/20: Please see PharmAcademy group, "Global Collaboration on Scholarly Initiatives" for more details.

I'm posting this on behalf of Marisa Hodgkinson and Eugene Ong at Monash Health

Health Literacy Patient Interaction

1.       Interaction to occur during inpatient stay.  Having the patient interaction at discharge may delay discharge time and may also be a too rushed environment for this type of interaction.

2.       Patients to be identified by ward/unit pharmacist and meet the following criteria:

a.       Takes regular medicines prior to admission or will be taking regular medicines after this episode of care. 

b.      Manage their own medicines or carer who manages patient’s medicines participates in the interaction. Even if patient managers own medicines, students can invite carers/family members to participate in interaction as appropriate and with patient verbal consent.

c.       Speaks English.   Note translator services will not be available.

d.      Overseas visitors can be included but students need to know the patients can’t use the NPS app (as no Medicare number).

3.       First interaction by each student to be observed by lead supervising pharmacist, and form reviewed by lead supervising pharmacist prior to handing to patient.  Lead supervising pharmacist will decide supervision requirements for subsequent interactions.

4.       Students to work in pairs – one to interview and the other to transcribe.

5.       Use a blank, example medication list template from Monash Health – 8 x laminated copies for student use - Monash Health will arrange and supply these.

6.       After activity completed, students to provide a copy of form to patient and explain to patient that the ward/unit pharmacist will try to answer their questions during the inpatient stay (may not necessarily be that day).  If ward/unit pharmacists do not answer fully (which is possible e.g. pharmacist does not have time or patient is discharged on weekend etc.), then the patient copy can be taken to their outside health professionals.

7.       Ward/unit pharmacist will try to answer patient questions.  If answered that day, students will be provided with the opportunity to shadow the pharmacist as they answer the questions.  Students will not be answering the patient’s questions.

8.       Number of patients seen per day depends on the patient cohort on the ward/unit. No set target.

9.       During down time, students can investigate the answers to the patient’s questions or complete other self-directed work.  Would be helpful if students could bring their own AMH.

Silvi Kastrati

4 months ago
The 3rd Regional Pharmacy Faculty Development Workshop on Best Practices for Planning and Evaluation of Experiential Education - hosted by Al Ain University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi Campus, United Arab Emirates, on March 4-5, 2018. For more information, visit:

Silvi Kastrati

4 months ago
2nd European Faculty Development Workshop: Engaging in New Methods of Teaching and Assessment in Pharmacy Education SAVE THE DATE! 16 – 18th November 2018 in Dubrovnik, Croatia Hosted by ACPE/AACP and supported by EAFP and PharmaExpert

Thanks to all of our fabulous clinical educators who will be hosting second year Monash pharmacy students undertaking a health literacy placement in first semester 2018. Please use this discussion forum to ask questions, share experiences, etc

The files uploaded to this group are the materials we are using to teach this topic in our "residential" curriculum which they will apply in their "experiential" curriculum. The topic will be taught over 2 weeks, starting with Discovery 1 and Workshop 1 followed by Discovery 2 and Workshop 2. Each of these weeks also include an interactive lecture to further explore the discovery material.

In week 3 students will be credentialed to perform the activity illustrated in the video. This is the activity students will be undertaking during their placement time. The rubric, which will be uploaded shortly, provides formative feedback to the students and will be the evidence they need to show you that they are credentialed to perform the activity. They may also have a video of themselves performing the task.

Please let me know if you would like me to assist with staff training sessions. I'm sure you will have many questions, please post them here--you will need to join PharmAcademy and be logged in to participate in the discussions.

Cheers- Kirstie
Director; Experiential Development and Graduate Education
9903 9586


The LLLP conferences bring together international and national colleagues with interest and research to share in the area of pharmacy education and professional development.